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Compiling Instructions

One way (and currently the only one) to get an executable AsmL-compiler is to compile it yourself. This page describes in detail the necessary steps.

1. Download the complete source code.
Two possibilities are:
  1. Download a complete ZIP-file. Click on the "Source Code"-tab at the top and then for the latest version its "Download"-link. After accepting the MSR-LA license you'll get a ZIP-file including the whole project.
  2. Use a source control client. For details see Source Control Client Connection Instructions
From now on, we assume, all files are downloaded and/or extracted to the folder "C:\AsmL".

2. Start the "Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt"
It can be found in the start menu under "Visual Studio 2005", "Visual Studio Tools". If you don't want to use a the "Visual Studio Command Prompt" you also can use a normal Windows Command Prompt and make sure, the C# 2.0 compiler (csc.exe) is accessible in the path.

3. Change the current directory to C:\AsmL.

4. Set the environment variable ASMLDEVDIR to "C:\AsmL".

5. Change directory to "C:\AsmL\AsmL".

6. Start the compilation process by typing "nmake".
For detailed information about the Makefile options see C:\AsmL\AsmL\README

7. Install everything via "nmake install".
Besides registering several DLLs, the installation copies two files ("Asml2" and "Spec Explorer" into the folder C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates.
Before opening one of these Word templates in Microsoft Word be sure, macros are enabled. Then you can easily create your AsmL specification and compile and execute it via the new menu item "Asml".

A comfortable Windows installer will be provided soon.

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